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Holiday Club

Children attending the Holiday Club with a colourful maypole in the background.


During school holidays, we run our Holiday Activity & Food Programme (HAF). The purpose of HAF is to provide enrichment activities, physical activities, nutritional education, and food provision for children in the community.

The children make their own hot lunch each day as well as having access to healthy drinks and snacks. Plus, they get to take away all the recipes for the food they make, so they can recreate it again at home.

Our enrichment activities can include body percussion and singing sessions, craft activities, wellbeing sessions, team building activities and much more.

Our physical activities vary from using our fine motor skills to dice, slice, mix and mash our ingredients for lunch, group skipping, ball games, parachute, giant Dobble, races at the park, playdough creations, and much more.

We have a different theme each day and spend time learning about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. We learn important nutritional information such as how much sugar is in different drinks, the importance of keeping hydrated, understanding food groups and recognising healthy portion sizes. We have great fun exploring food, trying new things and even taking part in food related science experiments.


​No matter what the activities are, the children and grown-ups have an absolute blast and we get most of our children returning each holiday.

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