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Community Cafe

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A picture of our fresh avocado on toast with ripe cherry tomatoes.

Your Community Cafe is based at Infinite Wellbeing's Community Centre. It's a welcoming, friendly space for everyone to enjoy. Who doesn’t love getting together with friends to natter over a cuppa? Or popping out for lunch with your work bestie? 



We have plenty of ways to fill your cup from herbal teas to cappuccinos, you'll find your favourite cuppa here. 


Delicious snacks and meals at prices you'll love.

Choose from gorgeous cakes and toasties to fresh pizzas and salads.

Child-friendly Options

Choose from a child-friendly meals, platters, or a special Teddy Bears Picnic with a sandwich, fruit, drink, and treat.

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 9 to 3

Saturday 10 -3

Happy Cafe

We are a Happy Cafe and we run regular Happy Cafe events. 

A Happy Cafe is part of the Action for Happiness movement, which aims to create a happier, kinder world.

Community really is at the heart of our cafe. We want you to feel that this cafe is your cafe too.

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