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Cooking Classes

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A picture of people involved in the cooking class.

Cooking Class runs on Saturdays 9-10am (term-time only). As well as cooking a dish each time, your child gets to enjoy a drink, a snack, and take part in a craft activity or a game while the food is cooking. 


5 reasons to sign your child up for Cooking Classes…


🍽️ Learn valuable life skills

Being confident in the kitchen is a great gift to give your child.


🍽️ It encourages healthy food choices

When your child sees how meals are created and gets to be the chef, they are more likely to try healthier options.


🍽️ It’s a great way to try new foods 

As is the way with children, if they see someone else trying it, they’ll have a go too. 


🍽️ There’s no mess to clean up at home

You’ll love this one! All the washing up is done on site. 


🍽️ Children love cooking!

Cooking is a positive, fun experience - especially when shared with others.


Children aged 2-11 welcome. 


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