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Infinite Wellbeing Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programme

Our Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programme runs over 6 sessions and covers topics such as what wellbeing means to you, emotions, feelings and moods, anxiety, kindness and gratitude, setting realistic goals, and resilience.


Throughout the course you will learn about mental health and wellbeing, how mental health and wellbeing issues present for you, and what you can do to help to manage them.


You will explore a variety of activities and learn a range of tools and strategies to help you understand and manage your wellbeing. By the end of the programme, you will have identified which strategies work best for you and develop your own Wellbeing Toolkit. 


As part of the programme, you receive a Wellbeing Journal. You will use it as you work through the programme and, at the end, it will serve as a reminder of all that you learn during the course and as a reference guide for the future.


The course is suitable for children and adults, and works well in school and community settings, as well as workplaces.


This face-to-face, group programme is certified by the Continuing Professional Development service (CPD). It will therefore count each participant’s training record.


Costs and subsidies vary.

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Online Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programme

Our Infinite Wellbeing Mindfulness and Wellbeing Programme is also available online. This makes it ideal for individuals or organisations anywhere in the country to access.


The contents of the programme is the same as the face-to-face option. Your Wellbeing Journal will be sent to you by post.


The online course will be delivered through a series of videos and guides, as well as the resources contained within the journal.


You will also have access to an Ambassador who can answer any questions you have during the course.


The course is suitable for individual adults, or as part of a company- or department-wide training.


Costs and subsidies vary.

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Wellbeing Ambassador Programme

A Wellbeing Ambassador is a colleague or student who receives relevant training to be a go-to person for peers whose wellbeing is being negatively impacted in some way.


Having relevant support readily available is a key responsibility for any organisation who cares about the people under their charge.

Wellbeing Ambassadors are a positive way to reduce stigma attached to mental health, reduce absences, and provide beneficial education and tools to help people maintain good levels of wellbeing.


There are huge benefits for Wellbeing Ambassadors themselves as they will learn to develop better communication and listening skills, develop social and interpersonal skills, gain confidence, learn to support others without passing judgement and learn how to look after their own wellbeing and mental health.


There is a great sense of community linked to volunteering as a Wellbeing Ambassador and it can be hugely rewarding to help others when they need it most.


The Wellbeing Ambassador Programme is run as face-to-face training, most often at the premises of the organisation. The training is carried out in 6 hours over a full day. All resources are provided by Infinite Wellbeing.


Costs and subsidies vary.

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